Blurb “about SGP” should go here.  Keep in mind some of the details from the style guide:


Editorial Guide

  • Tense: Content will be written in the present tense 
    • SGP will be written about like a person 
  • Voice: Is the personality of the SGP brand 
  • Point of View: SGP will write in the first person
    • SGP is part of a bigger movement; this allows the SGP brand  to bring other like-minded brings into the family


Tribal Cries, Acronym, and Hashtags 

Translated into customer-friendly language that is recognizable and conversational. 

  • Tribal Cry
  • Acronym
    • SGP
  • Hashtags
    • #SacredGeoPinecones
    • #SGP
    • #getconed
    • #knobcone
    • #SouthernOregon